Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blog entry by email!!!

Check out this quick way to make a post!! I can email it to the blog! Don't you just love technology!
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A great end to 2010...looking forward to 2011

This fabulous photo was taken by one of my students! A brand new camera for the room- we just HAD to try it out!! Can you say fabulous?!?!?! I'm pretty sure I rocked out the stylin' pose! Just ask me! ;)
The wonderful choir performance by the fearless Mrs. Harrison and her 4th and 5th graders was high energy entertainment! The kids did a really great job. The after school pizza party and practice and high energy too!! ;)
The fourth graders were lucky enough to hear Mrs. Thurston's dad, Dave Gray come in with his guitar to sing some carols. It was a real treat. He even took requests from the audience! It really helped set the mood for the holiday season.
As you can see, these eager beavers are ready for the next semester and year. So, kiddos (and parents!), rest up over break, enjoy your vacation and be ready to GET BUSY WORKING for 2011!
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Just How Do Inventions Help People?

My cousin, Toby, stopped by Room 18 to talk about the many inventions that have helped facilitate his life. His dwarfism may have made him look a little different, but as one student wrote, "This let me know that little people can do everything regular people do." Well said! I might be a little biased, but he does almost everything, plus a whole lot more! (I can't help it- we are related!!
His cart and lift keep him cruising around to do his business work, meet friend, and run errands. He can part that thing anywhere- and he's pretty good at driving it! Way better than I am.
Remote controls, hydraulics, simple machines, and computers are all at work on his specially equipped SUV. He said it takes about a year for the Indianapolis business to take the measurements, make the changes, and schedule the fittings to make sure it fits him just right.
The canes you see hanging from the cart handle were hand made by Toby's grandfather. He can walk without them, but the help with balance and fatigue.
If you see Toby out and about, don't hesitate to go up and say hello. He may seem shy, but let's remember, he is related to me, so, do you think he likes to talk?! ;) Room 18 would like to say thanks to Toby for coming by to visit!!
P.S. Yes, his brother IS Two Foot Fred.

***Any time, any place, learn!*** ;)