Thursday, January 30, 2014

Punctuation on Vacation!!

Another awesome mini lesson from Mrs. Longmeier!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Virtual Field Trips to Antarctica!!

We were thrilled to get acquainted with Scientist Jean Pennycook and connect with her during her students in Camp Royds Antarctica!  The first call took place in mid December, which is the summer and mating season for the penguins.  Ms. Pennycook told us about the Adeline penguins, what they eat, how they interact, and how they are pretty curious about humans.  She took her laptop, hiked to the penguin camp and sat down.  The penguins walked right up. She said they didn't like to be touched, but they would come really close to her.  We could hear them "talking" and watched as moms and dads switched places babysitting the egg, while the other went for food.  We even watch one couple, and the one with the egg did not want to trade places and we all had a chuckle.  He or she must have been pretty comfortable!

Our second call introduced us to the babies.  It had been almost 4 weeks since our last call, so the babies were pretty big, but it was still amazing to see and hear them live.  We watched the parents feeding them in the warmest part of the summer (still below freezing).  And, although it seems harsh, we learned how the parents decide one day to leave the babies to fend for themselves and just don't come back.  The babies then must find their way to the ocean and hunt for food themselves.

Skype is an amazing tool for connecting with folks all over the world.  This year we have connected with places like Canada, Mongolia, Uganda, Australia, and lots of states around the US.  We have learned about wildlife, geography, language, culture, traditions...and learned presentation, communication, collaboration, and tech skills.  Skype is an invaluable tool.  Visit Skype in Education website to get you started discovering the world.  It's just waiting for you.

***Any time, any place, learn!*** ;)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Google Alerts

We are thrilled to be paired with ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White in our Classroom Champions program. (Check it information about this awesome program here.)
I was often searching the internet for the latest information about where they were traveling, how they were finishing in competitions, or appearances they were making.  Then I found out about Google Alerts, and the whole task became SSSOOOO much easier.
Google Alerts is a great way of being notified about news or information concerning your athlete is posted on the internet.  It's super easy to do, and you will receive an email each time your athlete makes the news!  We have read articles about how Meryl and Charlie paired up as kids, how their moms are involved, how DWTS start, Derek Hough met with them about choreography, just to name a few! Usually after I am notified about our ice dancers by Google Alerts, I read the article with my class to keep them in the loop.  They always love hearing stories about their athletes!
Click here to set up an alert for something you are interested in finding current news about.
Click here for the help page on Google Alerts
I would be happy to help if you have any trouble!  Just send me a message.
When I read a newsworthy story about about Meryl and Charlie, I also will tweet the news story to share on Twitter.  If you are on Twitter, it's a great way to share news about your athlete.  You can add @classroomchamps to your tweet too!  It's a great way to get this great program and news out on social media!
You could use Google alerts for lots of ways in the classroom too!  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Share any ideas you come up with!  It would be great to hear all the creative ideas!
P.S. We're getting so excited about the Olympics!  Meryl and Charlie had an epic, amazing weekend in Boston and placed first!! (I watched this on tv BEFORE the alert came...but you get the idea.)

 ***Any time, any place, learn!*** ;)