Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A future geologist, perhaps?!

Fabulous Flora and her rocks!


Couponing Cara said...

Everywhere we go she's picking up rocks! She has rocks from everywhere we've been!

rm2writerschair said...

Hi Flora our names are Jessica and Alex and we are from room 2 David Street School and we are year sixes. We think its good that you have an interest in rocks. We use different kinds of rocks for our science experiments. Maybe if you look hard enough you might find crystals or a special type of rock you have never seen before. Have fun and we hope you find crystals in your next rock. :)

rm2writerschair said...

Hello our names are Aisha and Honore we are from room 2 david street school we are year fives. we think that it is cool how you collect rocks from different countries.