Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love the GoogleDocs-

   The fabulous students of Room 18 collaborated with partners to create a Google Presentation on the Immune System of the Body.  The rubric allowed for a wide variety of presentation details.  They projects turned out wonderfully!
   Students have computer knowledge to research, create content, create new slides, insert images and photos and resize them, make background themes, spell check and most important do real time collaboration from across the room!  Google Docs allows students to share documents with each other and work on them AT THE SAME TIME.
   While one is typing, another cursor shows up where the partner is updating content in real time.  In a side chat window, students can comment on changes that need to be made or compliment each other on content being added.  Many times students will set a time to work on these projects at home, since all they need is their login to access them.  We printed slides of Google Presentations to hang in the hall and show other students!
   Stop in sometime and ask any member of Room 18 about it.  They would be happy to talk to you!

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