Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We LOVE Mystery Skype!

Room 18 has been participating in Mystery Skype with other classrooms around the United States and even AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND!  It has really been great fun.
We found out about the project through Google Docs and signed up to participate.  We then brainstormed a list of questions to be answered Yes or No by the Mystery callers.  
When the call is placed through Skype, each class has a student ask a question, the other classroom answers, while classmates try to narrow down their location on maps, in books, and on Google Maps on the computer. Some students are taking notes and formulating new questions as the call progresses.
We have met some really fabulous folks along the way!  We have connected with classrooms from New Jersey, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, and the country of New Zealand!  How cool is that?!  
Our classroom has had a ball and has more classrooms lined up for more!
***Any time, any place, learn!*** ;)

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